Saving the world can be good business

There is no denying that the world needs to be saved.  What we need to focus on is how much real responsibility individuals have in this matter and how much should be the corporate sector’s contribution. The narrative of recent years has clearly put the spotlight, and therefore the responsibility, on the consumer with ‘green products’, an elevated importance on recycling and a general eco-consciousness that not everyone can afford, yet everyone ’should feel guilty’ that our natural environment is being damaged in the way it is.


What is the business sector up to in the meantime? It is turning the issue of sustainability into a marketing strategy with  – mostly empty, purpuse-washing – messages that are just enough to show some semblance of responsibility. But this is not sufficient and can never lead to real change.


For the expected improvements to begin, the issue of sustainability needs to be transformed into a real business interest. Companies will have to build business models in which sustainability contributes to earnings drivers in tangible, quantifiable and measurable ways. To put it more simply, companies must be willing to make more sustainable choices, both environmentally and socially.


MOME OPEN is now about to launch a masterclass that will aim to help achieve exactly these goals. In this masterclass, you can learn how to scale positive impact in business beyond purpose-washing and a vague marketing message, and turn it into a true business driver. Through the course of theoretical understanding of business modeling techniques for sustainable and impactful venturing, workshops for developing positive sum business models and building multi-party innovation ecosystems, detailed dissection of case studies, you can get a new and contemporary view on impactful business.


The masterclass, which will start in September, aims to contribute, through a theoretical session, workshop days and case study nights, to a real dialogue on the issue in the business sector, which can be followed by real action. With experts from abroad and at domestic level, real business solutions, building business models, we are waiting for those who want to start this process of change.


Because You might think you are not in business to save the world, but saving the world can actually be good business.


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közzétéve: 2022. 07. 23.