Business of Saving the World

28 November - 2 December 2022

In-person course in Budapest organized by MOME OPEN.

You might think you are not in business to save the world, but saving the world can actually be good business.

In this masterclass, you can learn how to scale positive impact in business beyond purpose-washing and a vague marketing message, and turn it into a true business driver. Through the course of theoretical understanding of business modeling techniques for sustainable and impactful venturing, workshops for developing positive sum business models and building multi-party innovation ecosystems, detailed dissection of case studies, you can get a new and contemporary view on impactful business.

Price and Capacity

400.000 HUF + VAT


For questions about the application process or other inquiries, please contact

28 November 2022

The course will start with a minimum of 10 participants (maximum 20).

Why should you care?

It’s no news that we are living in the turmoil of multiple social and environmental crises at the moment - and businesses have hardly taken a part in solving any of these issues. By traditional business standards and expectations formed by decades post-industrial market dynamics, it just never seemed profitable or viable. Positive impact has been reduced into a necessary cost element, bundled in corporate social responsibility or ESG. But the world has changed. With the current consumer megatrends, regulatory pressure and technology advancements riding the waves of digitalisation, building a socially and environmentally sustainable business model has become a fuel of business growth, while not creating positive impact has become a blocker for business.

What will you learn

Ready to stop purpose-washing and start making real, scalable change happen? Great. In this course, you will learn:

  • Advanced business design frameworks
    for sustainable and socially relevant innovation
  • Specific tactics
    for balancing impact with business goals
  • Frameworks
    for ecosystem innovation, a critical factor in scaling impact

Course structure

The course consists of:

  • A Theory day
    to understand the trends, dynamics and business design frameworks for impactful venture development
  • Two Workshop days
    to develop impactful business models and innovation ecosystems with the support of expert instructors
  • Two Case study nights
    to dissect and understand the mechanics of currently existing impact-driven ventures

Please check our timetable for more

Your instructors

  • Ákos Csertán

    A digital product expert and design leader, strategist, design educator, TEDx speaker, with over 15 years of experience. As the founder of the creative community Atlas, Rise!, he supports international enterprises understand genuine customer problems and envision cutting-edge, impact driven products, with a focus on finance, insurance, healthcare and telecommunication industries. Holds over 20 international creative- and design awards.

  • Martijn Pater

    Experienced strategist with 20+ years of experience. Focused on Smart Cities, Mobility, Sustainability and Strategies for Progress. Creative design thinker and entrepreneur. Leading practitioner in the field of co-creation. Author of 'Collaborate or Die' - the co-creation handbook for changemakers. Listed for management book of the year 2022. Co-founder of impact strategy firm Fronteer, Co-founder of curbside management start-up Coding the Curbs. Chairman and Co-founder of energy cooperative NDSM Energie.

  • Dalma Berkovics

    Dalma has an been working in the fileds of innovation, startups and sustainability during the past 12 years. She has graduated from HEC Paris Alternative Management where she acquired cutting-edge knowledge on how companies should comply with pressing environmental and social challenges. She worked at BeCitizen, the leading sustainability consulting firm based in Paris and became an advocate and expert in sharing economy. Most recently, Dalma joined MOME Innovation Center as Head Sales and Partnerships leading their efforts to build meaningful design-driven and research-based collaborations with corporates.

    Ex-Microsoft for startups manager, TedxYouth speaker, selected as the Most Influantial Woman at the Central European Startup Awards.

  • Chris Williamson

    Chris is responsible for driving the growth and evolution of M-Pesa – Africa’s biggest payments platform, with over 50 million active customers – across Vodacom Group’s footprint in Tanzania, Mozambique, the DRC, Lesotho and Ghana.

    Chris has 20 years’ general management experience, predominantly in African Fintech. Chris has previously worked in leadership roles with the GSMA and African mobile technology companies, having begun his career at L.E.K. Consulting. He has an MBA with Distinction from London Business School and 1st Class Honours in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

  • More instructors TBA

It’s for you if:

  • You are an innovation leader or product manager, aiming to create impactful products and services
  • You are a CSR on ESG expert, aiming to scale your impact on the core business
  • You are a consultant or business designer, aiming to support impact-driven transformations at enterprises
  • Have an understanding of business design, strategic design, innovation management and strategy development

It’s not for you if:

  • You haven’t had any business exposure
  • You don’t have a basic understanding of collaborative design (e.g. Design Thinking)
  • You don’t have a genuinely responsible, impact-centered approach to business