Archviz Image Generalist

Module 1 - Beginner 3D artist course

The demand for visual design communication is increasingly on the rise. Especially in the architecture industry, where clients and competition jury members expect concepts to be represented in the most compelling way. The majority of design software can produce basic visualizations, but they fall short of the artistry and level of professionalism needed to succeed in the market.

Brick has established its reputation as one of the most renowned studios in the architectural visualization industry. Their artists share valuable expertise through their educational brand, Brick Academy, which extends its curriculum to MOME Open via this course.

The theoretical and practical sessions will give you a comprehensive overview of the proper technical foundations of archviz and the artistic principles that make a standout image. You will be mentored by Brick artists who have gathered years of experience by working on the most prestigious international projects. The course is recommended for complete beginners or novice 3D artists and architects who want to learn a future-proof profession.

Course fee / Application

650 000 Ft + VAT

*If you want a personalised offer for your team (min. 4 person), ask for a special offer!

What will you learn?

The course will mostly focus on the technical aspects of archviz. By the end of the course, you will feel more confident in your ability to create high-quality exterior visualizations with Autodesk 3ds Max and Vray. You will learn the basics of the craft, from navigating your way around the user interface to basic architectural modeling, light and camera settings, and creating shaders and life-like vegetation.

What makes this course special?

  • The course was designed by Brick, one of the market leaders in archviz
  • Seasoned experts will provide you with practical tips for a quick development
  • The workshop sessions will be held at Brick’s HQ in a well-equipped environment.
  • Brick will provide you with all the technical infrastructure you need, including top-notch and powerful PCs with AMD Ryzen 9 CPU (no need to bring your own PC/laptops)
  • You will gain unique insights into how Brick artists create visuals for world-famous architecture firms

This course is for you if

  • you don’t have any experience in creating visualizations with 3ds Max and Vray
  • you want to craft more realistic architectural visualizations while tackling technical challenges
  • you are a practicing architect who wants to include archviz in your portfolio of services
  • you are an architecture student who is interested in the world of archviz

This course is not for you if

  • you want to learn specific modeling techniques (eg.: furniture, car, statues)
  • you don’t have the patience to deal with 3D software
  • you are an interior designer who only wants to visualize interiors

Syllabus of Module 1

The weekly sessions consist of two parts. We will cover the theoretical part on Friday evenings and do the practical sessions on Saturdays in Brick’s classroom, led by bilingual mentors. We strongly recommend you practice weekly, preparing for the upcoming sessions by re-doing the exercises of the last session.

Topics covered:

  • Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max user interface and tools, exporting/importing to and from other 3D modeling software
  • Architectural modeling
  • Detailed modeling
  • Setting the camera
  • Setting global and local lights
  • Shading techniques
  • Setting the render engine
  • Modeling vegetation

Schedule and location

The course spans 6 weeks.

Lectures: Thursdays – 17.00-21:00

Workshops: Fridays – 9.00-18:00

Location: Brick Visual’s HQ
(Budapest, 1036 Perc u 8, 4 floor)