Zsuzsi Matók

Food Designer


Zsuzsi is a creative designer, in 2012 she finished her studies in Cultural Anthropology at Eötvös Loránd University where she focused on issues mainly pertaining to the anthropology of beauty and nutrition. Since 2013 she has been working with filmmakers in the production of commercials,  films, music videos and art projects as a set designer, product stylist and food stylist. 

She deals with applied food design in a complex way, and also regularly creates independent eat art works. 

Her unconventional projects aim to translate concepts enjoying general consensus into a finer and more sensual language. In her art, she converts different media elements and tools into symbols in multifarious ways.

As a food designer and food stylist she approaches the world of edible objects from the extraordinary, often experimental side. She executes special food-art concepts which, in view of their aesthetics, are completely unlike any way we have ever thought about food. She continuously experiments with colours, structures, kitchen technologies, flavors and aromas.


Online portfolio: