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Service Design Basic course now available in English for the first time

For the first time in July, one of our most popular courses, Service Design Basic, will be available in English. Our lecturers, Fanni Csernátony and Máté Barna, explained the course to the audience. How would you describe Service Design to those who are new to the term? Design always approaches the problem from the user’s side. However, since a service is usually a complex system, we need to be informed not only about one user group, but about all stakeholders in order to design convenient and efficient processes that meet their needs. To do this, we often involve stakeholders directly in the design process and design systems together, using a variety of visualisation tools and creative techniques to make teamwork more efficient.   The Service Design Basic course has been part of the MOME Open portfolio since 2017. What changes have taken place in five years on the professional scene in Hungary? More and more companies, organisations and institutions are… Bővebben »