Service Design

Basic Course

11-14 July 2022

In our Service Design Basic course, you can learn basic service design methods and tools to make workflows more efficient, your product or service more understandable and the user experience more pleasant, regardless of the sector you are currently working in.

In our four-day course, you will learn a comprehensive set of techniques used in service design to help you map and analyse service elements, user groups and processes, and use them to develop the service experience. The theoretical parts are followed by practical exercises in each module, where you can try out the methods you have just learned on a project of your choice, working in a team.

Price and capacity



Application deadline: 4 July 2022

The course will start with a minimum of 15 participants (maximum 20), selected on the basis of completed application forms.

Why is it beneficial?

The key features of the service design process are a holistic approach, systemic solutions and interdisciplinary teamwork. Knowledge of the methodology enables anyone to be part of, or even a catalyst for, the development of existing services and the user experience they create, or the design of entirely new services to solve current problems. The design strategies you learn on the course can have an impact on a specific project, lay the groundwork for world-changing ideas, or improve your day-to-day work efficiency, especially if you often work in a team and value an innovative approach.

What will you learn?

Basic concepts, methods and techniques related to service design.

  • Concepts: you will learn about Touchpoint, Service Blueprint, Journey, Persona Portfolio, Experience Prototype, Stakeholder and Ecosystem Map, among others
  • Methods: through a concrete project, you will be able to try out in practice the phased Design Thinking methodology for service design, including research, brainstorming and concept development
  • Techniques: learn how systems and processes can be mapped, visualised, analysed and systemically improved based on stakeholder needs
  • touchpoint
  • blueprint
  • journeymap
  • prototyping
  • ecosystemmap

Timetable and location

Location: MOME Campus
1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.


Learn from real market experts

Csernátony Fanni

Fanni Csernátony

Service Designer @ Cellux

Course leader, MOME lecturer and member of the Cellux Group. Her work as designer, teacher and PhD research focuses on design and its different methodologies.

Barna Máté

Máté Barna

Service Designer @ Cellux

Course leader, designer of the Cellux Group, head of the Educational Development Program of the MOME Academy. His PhD research is focused on the methodological development of service design.

This is for you if...

  • You would like to learn the basics of service design
  • You are not a designer but would like to expand your horizons into this new and increasingly popular field
  • You are a designer and interested in the subject, but have not yet deepened your knowledge of design methodologies and techniques
  • You own your own business and want to improve its efficiency and user experience
  • You work in a position where you often have to solve systemic problems
  • A user-centred, empathetic approach to your work is important
  • If you feel that designing and selling a product needs to be understood in the wider context
  • You work with service designers and want a better understanding of the design process

It's not for you if...

  • If you are an experienced designer who is already familiar with and regularly applies Design Thinking methods - we recommend our Service Design Expert course
  • Want to get a job as a service designer straight after completing the course
  • You don't like working in a team
  • You can't attend regularly