25 August – 1 September, 2018 (TBA)


Application deadline: 1 JUNE, 2018

About the course

The 4DSOUND system is a magnificent spatial instrument. It can do much more than letting you identify where sounds come from. It makes sounds present as physical objects. It can move sound in subtle ways. During the 8-days course, the participants learn about the basic principles of 4DSOUND and how to work with the softwares, controllers and interfaces. The course is organized in co-operation with Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

4DSOUND's Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest was founded in 2015. Their events belong to the most wanted ones in town in their genre, while their Artist Residency programme draws researchers and creators from worldwide.

4DSOUND has been developed in the Netherlands since 2007. It emerged from the meeting of contemporary composition and new sound technology. These disciplines are represented by the founders: composer Paul Oomen on the one hand, and audio engineers Poul Holleman et al. on the other. The system uses omnidirectional loudspeakers. 4DSOUND explores a new medium, which exceeds mere imitation of existing sound spaces, or immersion in never-heard-before virtual sound dreams. The real challenge is the evolution of our listening. Their new technology can awaken new levels of attention and sensitivity in our relation with the sounding environment. As Murray R. Schafer pointed out: „...regard the soundscape of the world as a huge musical composition, unfolding around us ceaselessly. We are simultaneously its audience, its performers and its composers." This is, what we can call the ecology of listening.

For more information, please visit: 4dsound.net

Course Details

For Whom?

The aim of the 4D Spatial Sound Course is to give a possibility to participants from diverse disciplines - being either creator, coder, designer or performer - to experiment with spatial sound using highly advanced technology.


25 August – 1 September, 2018


Spatial Sound Institute
Nagytétényi str. 48-50


August 25, Saturday


August 26, Sunday

Theoretical lectures

August 27-31, Monday-Friday

Practical work

September 1, Saturday

Presentation & afterparty

Leading Teacher


    Paul Oomen, born 1983 in Amsterdam, is a composer, curator and technologist. From an early age on he gathered extensive experience in theatre as an actor and director, and as a musician skilled in percussion, piano and singing. Oomen holds a BA and MA with Honours in Music Composition from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Universität der Künste Berlin. He specialised himself initially as a composer of music for theatre and opera, before he turned to work exclusively on the investigation of space, sound and perception within the context of 4DSOUND.

    Paul Oomen is Founder of 4DSOUND, and was its Creative Director from the start in 2007 until 2014. He has led over seventy spatial sound projects to date, working with numerous internationally acclaimed artists and festivals and continuously propagating new forms of experiencing sound, such as sound exhibitions, immersive sonic meditation, participative sound theatre or collective sonic sleep-ins. His curatorial explores spatial sound as a medium with significant impact on a variety of fields in society, such as music and performing arts, architecture and public space, consciousness studies and augmented and virtual reality.


118 110 HUF (incl. VAT)

Accommodation, boarding and travel costs are not included.
For a special offer please contact: Peter Halasz (peter@4dsound.net)



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